Clever Little Box Easy-Install VGA Cable

A while back I bought some old touch screen monitors, used on tills, but the connector was a 26-pin d-sub that needed to be split into VGA, serial and ps/2¬†connections (if you were wondering the ps/2 connection is for the optional magnetic strip reader). Anyway, this cable lets me use the monitor part…


First impressions of this cable were “wow, that’s a lot of cable” and to be honest 10m is rather more than I needed but it saved me from making one up myself and at less cost, considering the cheapest 12-core wire I could find on Farnell is ¬£1.65 per metre where as this cable works out at ¬£1.46 per metre.

The quality is excellent and feels pretty durable with its thickly moulded plug and heat-shrunk joints which, is rather a nice touch, I feel. The flex is also very flexible (as you can see below) whilst still reassuring you that its innards are safe, say, from a particularly vicious edge-of-desk or a ensnared panic-stricken colleague.

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