Alignment issues…

Most of my CNC build is now complete (and plenty of homebrew drunk).

Having a bloody tough time aligning the axes though. The consequence of not owning a drill press is that holes are never straight which is kind of essential when building a precision machine.. never mind. I’m having to settle for cooperative alignment between the nylon bushings i.e. as it’s impossible to align a single bushing I’m misaligning them to align with eachother. Got it?

Original inspiration for a low-cost simple CNC mill was from the good ol’ Tom McWire machine. Tried skate bearings in the past but to save money I didn’t use rails but simply relied on the threaded rod for stability… never again. No rigidity and ‘straight’ lines that resembled those cut by pinking shears.

The nylon bushings and steel rod on this build were inspired by a mate and once aligned seem to work very well.


(Notice how as my mill progresses my table gets smaller and smaller.. this is gonna be a problem :s)