A good workshop should be full of spiders..

.. to keep you company late into the night. They don’t interrupt you, judge you or give you strange looks. They just watch.

This is my current workshop while home from Uni with all important essentials: homebrew to aid create thought, laptop for internet and inspection lamp for late-nighters.


Often overlooked are a stack of other ‘work-related’ literature with which you can fob off loved ones claiming that right now you are “too busy working on Uni stuff” or “just doing the accounts”.

Hello world! Apparantly…

NEED an outlet for my projects and ideas! Also a very handy place for establishing a portfolio. Never seem to give back to the wonderfully open DIY community so hopefully this will provide that. And a bit of passion.

Currently working on a 3-axis CNC mill, and having a terrible time aligning the axes, urgh. Also in belated progress are a GPS do-all-device that is largely built and programmed but just needs some functionality writing.

Also just completed a dark ale using Goldings hops for the first time. Still experimenting with brewing so I’m rather happy with the gut-feeling approach to adding ingredients.

Details and pictures to follow.

Future projects include:

  • automatic book scanner for digitising my old tomes (for the new kindle)
  • self-regulating herb garden for the new house (inspired by the Garduino)