ARGUS TV Channel Logos for the UK


I found most of these logos on┬ábut a few were from Google, which I can’t credit…

They should be practically complete (as of 29/07/2013), barring the adult channels and also G.O.L.D as I couldn’t figure out how to name it so that it would appear in ARGUS’s EPG, although the image is in the folder if you know how to rename it. Note that these are all the channels I can pick up in my area (Sandy transmitter).

There are also a couple of images you may want to update e.g. BT Sport.

Installation Instructions

The zip file contains the “LogosCache” folder that can be found in “C:\ProgramData\ARGUS TV”. To use it you simply need to extract it over and replace the existing one, although backup any logos you may already have cached (although these should still be saved in the “Channel Logos” folder).

NOTE: The “Program Data” folder is normally a hidden folder that you can reach by typing “%programdata%\ARGUS TV” into the address bar.


Hopefully this will save you a bit of time next time you come to reinstall ARGUS!