Clever Little Box Easy-Install VGA Cable

A while back I bought some old touch screen monitors, used on tills, but the connector was a 26-pin d-sub that needed to be split into VGA, serial and ps/2 connections (if you were wondering the ps/2 connection is for the optional magnetic strip reader). Anyway, this cable lets me use the monitor part…


First impressions of this cable were “wow, that’s a lot of cable” and to be honest 10m is rather more than I needed but it saved me from making one up myself and at less cost, considering the cheapest 12-core wire I could find on Farnell is £1.65 per metre where as this cable works out at £1.46 per metre.

The quality is excellent and feels pretty durable with its thickly moulded plug and heat-shrunk joints which, is rather a nice touch, I feel. The flex is also very flexible (as you can see below) whilst still reassuring you that its innards are safe, say, from a particularly vicious edge-of-desk or a ensnared panic-stricken colleague.


Inside are 12-cores, 3 of which are coax for the RGB signals and, as mentioned before, all wrapped in heat-shrink. There is even a tag identifying the screen wire for-goodness-sake!

Also of note are the solderless end-pieces, which are part of the “easy-install” tagline. Really, these seem unnecessary to me as they bind you into using screw terminals to clamp them in, because they are too big to fit into standard size plugs, such as those found on breadboards. While they probably do help reduce strain and fatigue on the wires, in my opinion, leaving them bare would have been far more flexible. I will be removing mine to be replaced by another plug.

Unfortunately the “datasheet” (think catalogue) lacks a description of which wire is mapped to which pin, but fortunately for you I had a multimeter on hand. Note the pin number is in reference to a VGA socket:

Pin Colour Function
1 pink RED
2 blue BLUE
3 grey GREEN
5 black (SCR) GND
6 black (pink) RED_RTN
7 black (blue) BLUE_RTN
8 black (grey) GREEN_RTN
10 black GND
11 red ID0/RES
12 white ID1/SDA
13 brown HSYNC
14 yellow VSYNC

Clever Little Box Easy-Install VGA Cable 10m from Farnell

It is nice to see that care and attention have been put into a product where you may not normally expect to find it and I guess this is largely due to the fact that it is intended for installations and exhibits where perhaps an extra touch of finesse is required. Good product, good price.

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