CNC mill SolidWorks model and schematic

Had interest from someone on Flickr about the design of my mill, so I’m uploading the model and schematic which can be viewed for free with eDrawings viewer.

The design has changed a little from this model, but it was never perfect.

I should also mention that I have made a fair amount of progress since last posting but haven’t posted here because.. well.. I’m one of the millions who starts a blog and whines like a little girl when noone visits it (sigh). If only it was more interesting…

Anyway. Enough. If you interested, the files are available below. Message me if you want clarifications and extra details.

Cutting stage schematic, Tool stage schematic, X stage schematic, Y stage schematic, Z stage schematic, Mill model

(I realise a lot of you may just want an image to view instead of SolidWorks files but you just wouldn’t be able to see the detail, otherwise.)


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